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National Weather Service: Preliminary results show Elk City tornado at an EF-2

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ELK CITY, Okla. - The National Weather Service in Norman was in Elk City surveying the damage to determine the category of Tuesday’s tornado.

"We split up into teams today and my part of the survey so far has been in the rural area,” said Rick Smith, with NWS.

The teams went from neighborhood to neighborhood surveying the storm damage and checking to see how extensive the damage is.

“We’re looking at the damage to try to determine how strong the tornado was, how wide it was and how long the path was here around Elk City,” said Smith.

The size of the devastation determines the category of the twister. So far it's preliminary, but the National Weather service says it looks like an EF-2.

"So I've seen some structural damage but a lot of tree damage, tree snaps, large trees uprooted, power pole snapped,” Smith said.

The NWS said it could take two months to determine the official result of the category.

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