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More information on the Edmond man accused of holding his family hostage

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EDMOND, Okla. - Police have identified the man accused of holding family members hostage early Friday morning.

Overnight, Edmond police were called to a home in the Oak Tree neighborhood, near St. Andrews and Dundee Drive.

"It was reported to us that shots may have possibly been fired before our officers arrived on scene. We haven't been able to confirm that,” Sgt. James Hamm with the Edmond Police Department said.

However, when officers arrived they did learn that Kyle Wilson, 35, reportedly held his wife and two kids, ages 4 and 2, hostage.

His wife was able to get out safely by the time officers arrived.

"A short time ago the children were able to exit the residence to our SWAT team and our SWAT team currently right now is in negotiations trying to get the suspect to surrender to them,” Hamm said.

NewsChannel 4's Kent Ogle was inside the barricade.

(Go to last four minutes of video to watch the scene unfold)

After ten long hours of negotiations, police said he surrendered peacefully.

According to court records, back in February Wilson’s wife filed for legal separation but she dismissed the case last week.

Those documents also reveal the Wilson had trouble communicating and cooperating and that joint custody was not an option.

No word on if that’s what led to the terrifying ordeal.

"Domestics are obviously volatile situation because there's so many emotions involved and unfortunately this morning it got to a pretty high level of that,” Hamm said.

Court records also reveal that Wilson was a land man until he was fired by his mother in August of 2016.

Wilson was arrested and booked into jail.

Kyle Wilson, Edmond Police Department