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Caught in the act: Fourth-grade students become crime fighters after spotting thieves breaking into home

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OKLAHOMA CITY - A classroom of Oklahoma City students helped to take down a group of thieves, and their actions are being awarded by first responders.

It is not very common for dispatchers to receive a 911 call from an Oklahoma City elementary school.

However, dispatchers were stunned when a group of fourth-grade students and their teacher helped to catch a crook.

It was nearing the end of the day for students at Stand Watie Elementary when students noticed something strange at a neighboring home.

Daniel Parra and other students noticed a truck circling the block.

"I got suspicious, because I saw it going around three times,” said Daniel Parra, a fourth-grade student.

Police said three thieves were breaking into a home on S.W. 34th St. and Linn on May 10.

Little did the burglars know, there were dozens of eyes looking at them from across the street.

“At that point, I called her over and said 'I think I need to make a phone call,'” said Miss B., a fourth-grade teacher at Stand Watie Elementary School.

Immediately, Miss B. called 911 dispatchers to report the crime and had more than a dozen children watching and reporting the thieves every move.

"Black hoodie, one of them is wearing a black hoodie, black pants," Miss B. said in the 911 call.

As the students watched, three suspects worked quickly to move stolen items from the home into a truck waiting outside.

"What way did the truck go?" Miss B. asked the children during the 911 call.

Another neighbor also noticed the suspicious activity and took cell phone video of truck leaving the scene minutes before officers arrived.

"They started telling her stuff, and some of us went out and our school went under lockdown,” said Ruth Garcia.

Eventually, all three suspects were taken into custody.

"I've been here five years. That's one of the best burglary calls I've ever taken,” said Anna Reisman, the dispatcher who took the call.

On Monday, dispatchers invited the students to the 911 dispatch center for the behind-the-scenes look at what goes on when you call for help.

"We had a couple of kids who literally thought police were the ones that answered the phone, and so this is a whole new experience for them," Miss B said.

Thanks to the helpfulness of the students and quick police work, the homeowner was able to get his stolen property back.