Clinton Middle School teacher creates program to teach about Oklahoma City bombing

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CLINTON, Okla. - Most of the students at Clinton Middle School are first time visitors to the Oklahoma City National Memorial and Museum.

Their 8th grade teacher, Vicki Donley, created a learning program to teach her students about the bombing and the powerful lessons learned afterwards.

“Students will learn to expand their thoughts about patriotism, about the true Oklahoma spirit, about learning how tragedies can occur, but people usually step up to help," Donley said.

The lessons they’re learning will hopefully stay with them for the rest of their lives.

“It really is about teaching. I’ve long said you can’t remember without educating, and you don’t want to educate without remembering. I mean, the two go hand-in-hand," said Executive Director of the Oklahoma National Memorial Museum, Kari Watkins.

The students get a hands-on experience and learn about what we now call "The Oklahoma Standard.”

“I think they’re really taking in what it means to go through all of this and experience it," said 8th grader, Loren Coleman.

“I hope that we can all learn to remember the people that were involved in this, and how they helped unify us as a state and a nation," said 8th grader Grant Kauk.

Principal Mark Moring says this is something they won’t soon forget.

“We want to honor the lives of the 168 lives lost and their family members, and we need to continue to educate them [students] so they can educate their kids," he said.

Learning Oklahoma history, and the resilience of our people, is just another great example of what’s right with our schools.

KFOR partners with McDonald's to recognize outstanding things happening in Oklahoma schools.

The school was presented with a $600 check because of their work in this program.

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