Yukon mother upset after child comes home from daycare with injuries

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YUKON, Okla. - A mother is concerned after she brought her children to “Here We Grow” in Yukon.

She says each one of her four children have had different incidents, and she's not getting straight answers from the staff.

The problems started on their first day at the daycare.

"Put a piece of paper on this desk door jam thing and said 'I need you to sign this.' I asked her what it was and she said an incident report, and she said 'I don't know. I just got in here. His friend bit him,'" Malia Ruiz said.

According to Ruiz, office staff gave no other details about the incident.

"We saw the bite that night after we took the jacket off. I mean it was a full mouth of teeth. I could have made a tray of teeth out of this bite. It was not a baby bite," she said.

She says there was a similar incident on day two. This time, their 1-year-old child came home with cuts on his leg.

"And when I asked what happened the next day they said they didn't know," Ruiz said.

DHS says daycares must notify parents of a minor injury the day it occurred which Ruiz said didn't happen the second time.

And she says there was another incident with her three older children. A fight involving her kids and some others at the daycare.

"Another teacher picked my 9-year-old up and threw him against fence and held him there and then told him she was calling his parents, but never called us," Ruiz said.

The daycare sent a letter home following the incident. It stated there were two other children injured in the fight and Ruiz's children were no longer allowed back at the facility.

The daycare confirms they and DHS are investigating the incident.

Our search of the records shows a long list of non-compliance issues at "Here We Grow" in Yukon in the past year.

"I know you're watching our children throughout the day but all that means is we're trusting you, and you're ruining that trust. Not just with me, but with many of other parents,” Ruiz said.

We spoke on the phone to "Here We Grow" in Yukon. They said they can't talk until the investigation is complete, but gave us this statement saying:

"I am aware of the allegations by a former family. We are actively conducting an investigation as is child welfare and child care licensing. At the conclusion of that investigation documents can be submitted with redacted privacy information which will state the truth regarding all of these accusations,” Jana Westberry, Facilities Coordinator at “Here We Grow,” said.

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