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Friends and Brothers: This Oklahoma City reverend makes sure he hangs with the Pope at least once a year.

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OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLAHOMA -- Facing a long flight, Robert Wise makes sure he has plenty of reading material in his carry-on.

He says, "When I'm on an airplane I'll do anything to keep from looking out the window."

He's heading to Rome for a week, leaving on Memorial Day, going to see an old friend who actually lives in Vatican City.

His name is Francis, Pope Francis.

"It it a business trip for you or personal?" asks a visitor to his home.

"Well," he chuckles, "I've never thought of these church trips as business. It is personal and to see the Holy Father, Father Francis, is very special indeed."

The Episcopal Bishop and the Catholic Father met way before Francis got his new job. They were both interested in church outreach.

Wise traveled the globe trying to form new bonds with all kinds of denominations.

He says, "Our desire is to try to foster unity among highly divergent perspectives."

Father Francis liked that idea too.

He took that platform with him when elected Pope.

Then one day Robert was out of town and his wife called.

Francis had a job for him.

"Did you have a car wreck, I asked her? I mean what's the deal here, and she said, 'no this is for real.' And that's how all this started."

So when Pentacost Sunday rolls around Biship Wise will still be in Italy mixing business with pleasure, hanging out with an old friend in his tiny apartment.

"Like a Motel 6," he says, "That small a space."

Robert will wear the silver cross Francis gave him.

Francis might wear the bracelet Robert's daughter gave him a couple of years ago.

Nevertheless, they're still friends and brothers, in the same boat and hopefully rowing in the same direction.