Oklahoma man arrested for wife’s murder two years after her death

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Pontotoc County man arrested for wife's murder

FITTSTOWN, Okla. – Law enforcement officers in one Oklahoma town say they knew something wasn’t right when Lorrie Rolen suddenly died in 2015.

Now, the victim’s husband is facing charges related to her death.

“He was questioned. His story was that she had just got up out of bed and fell down on the floor and probably hit something,” Sheriff John Christian told KXII. “She had bruising to the left side of her face and the circumstances were unusual.”

In 2015, the medical examiner said Lorrie’s death was caused by chronic pulmonary disease with blunt force trauma to the head and neck. However, her manner of death was unknown.

However, the medical examiner recently determined Lorrie’s death was a homicide after receiving new reports from the OSBI.

Frinchey Rolen was taken into custody on Tuesday.