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“He was in so much pain,” Father stunned after 8-year-old son suddenly dies from mysterious illness

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INDEPENDENCE, Mo. – Larry Burd says it all happened so suddenly.

On Saturday, Burd’s 8-year-old son, Dennis, came down with a fever.

Burd said he didn’t think much of a slight fever and gave his son over-the-counter medication.

“He never showed signs that he was having trouble breathing or anything,” Burd told KSHB. “He was just so healthy. He might have been rambunctious, but he never had any health issues like that. [He] always wanted to play, go outside.”

By Tuesday evening, Burd said he knew there was something very wrong with Dennis.

“He said he was in so much pain he couldn’t stand up. He hit the floor crying,” he said.

Sadly, Dennis died just three hours after arriving at a nearby hospital.

Doctors diagnosed him with bi-laternal pneumonia and he died following a seizure. Family members say that doctors told them a genetic heart condition likely caused his heart to not be able to withstand the seizures.

But they still don’t know what caused him to become sick in the first place.

Burd believes his son may have contracted West Nile virus, but it could be weeks before tests reveal what actually led to Dennis’ death.