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“It kills me to think about him suffering,” Oklahoma woman receives threatening messages after pit bull goes missing

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HARRAH, Okla. - Carmen Callender is heartbroken after learning about what happened to her beloved dog.

On April 17, Callender said her pit bull, Bailey, got out of her backyard.

Immediately, she began looking for him and posted fliers around her home.

After three weeks with no luck of finding Bailey, Callender posted on the Nextdoor app and Facebook.

One day later, she said she got a harrowing message that frightened her.

"I received some text messages from some unknown number saying that pit bulls aren't welcome in this area. 'Your dog was on my friend's pasture. You live across from this person,'” Callender said.

She received another message that said Bailey was dead after it was hit on the friend's property.

Callender tried to call the number back, but her call wouldn't go through.

"It's just someone around here," Callender said. "It's within roaming distance. There's not a lot of options for them around here."

She said they described where she lived and they threatened her other pit bull, saying it is never out of their sight.

"No remorse, just 'Pit bulls aren't welcome in this neighborhood and, if you want them kept alive, you better keep your eye on them,'" she said.

Two days after Bailey went missing, there was another incident when a truck drove up to their home.

"Whistles out the window. My other dog was sitting right here. I'm guessing they didn't see me in the garage because, as soon as I stepped out of the shadows, they took off," she said.

She doesn't know if both incidents are related, but her family just wants answers for a pet they said wouldn't hurt anyone.

"It kills me to think about him suffering in any way,” she said.

They have filed a report with the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office.