Oklahoma Highway Patrol out to save lives with ‘Click It or Ticket’ campaign

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OKLAHOMA CITY – Law enforcement officers were out on the roads Memorial Day weekend making sure drivers were not only sober but also buckled up.

It’s part of the 'Click It or Ticket' campaign, and NewsChannel 4 rode along with the Oklahoma Highway Patrol to see how big the problem is.

“We have people driving around every day not wearing their seat belt,” said Trooper Chris Bunch.

In just our hour riding along, eight people were given citations. One man who pulled out of a gas station was given a citation. He even talked to us on camera, and we asked him if he was wearing his seat belt.

“Well, I wasn’t when I pulled out, but I put it on just as soon as I got out,” said Kenneth Cambron.

“The law doesn’t state that you can put your seat belt on as you’re driving away,” Bunch said. “The state law says you have to have your seat belt on before you’re driving away.”

Several other people were also pulled over, but Bunch said there’s not a quota. He’s out to save lives.

“The hardest part of my job is going to a family’s residence after responding to a crash and informing them that a loved one’s passed away, knowing that that could have been prevented by just wearing a seat belt,” he said.

OHP troopers were also out on the lakes over the holiday weekend.