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Video: Mother driving with four young children fails field sobriety test

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Deputies say Sarah Kesterson had four young children in the car when they arrested her on suspicion of driving drunk. A criminal complaint shows she performed field sobriety tests so poorly that they had to be stopped.

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. – A New Mexico mother is facing charges after deputies say she failed a field sobriety test so badly that it had to be stopped.

A witness called police after seeing a minivan driving recklessly down the road. That witness reportedly honked at 27-year-old Sarah Kesterson until she turned into a parking lot.

At that point, the witness attempted to block the exit with her car until police arrived, according to KOB.

Kesterson’s sobriety test was captured on surveillance cameras around the area. The cameras captured Kesterson struggling to get her balance, even falling backward onto the ground.

She was ultimately arrested on a complaint of child abuse because her four young children were in the minivan she was driving.