White Water Bay’s safety procedures put guests at ease after boy falls from water slide in California

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OKLAHOMA CITY – After a boy fell from a water slide over Memorial Day weekend in California, NewsChannel 4 went to one local water park to see what safety procedures are in place there.

“It kind of makes you panic, because we come here every single summer,” said mom Devan Schuessler.

White Water Bay told us in a statement:

“The safety of our guests is our top priority. All White Water Bay attractions are inspected and approved to operate by the Oklahoma Department of Labor at the beginning of each new season. All slides and pools are also inspected by White Water Bay staff before the park opens each day. An incident like the one in California has not happened at White Water Bay.”

“It makes me feel a little bit better to know that,” Schuessler said.

Park officials said safety signs are posted around the park, and guests agree.

“Every single corner. Every single ride,” said Cesar Salazar.

“Yes, there is. Quite a bit,” said Seth Bradley. “Even when we were on top of the slide, they made sure, she made an announcement and was like, ‘Please, read the signs' before we went down the slide.”

But, will people be coming back?

“We got season passes today, so for sure,” Bradley said.

“It’s a risk you kind of take when you come into the park,” Schuessler said. “This is like our fifth season, so we come back like every single year.”

The park also said it employees are trained on how to instruct riders on how to safely ride each attraction.