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“I wanted to save you,” Tornado survivors reunited after four years

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MOORE, Okla. - Even before the tornado sirens rang out, Misty Satterlee ushered her family into the backyard storm shelter.

She had also extended an open invitation to neighbors should Mother Nature ever come calling.

It was May 20th, 2013. Their steel, underground safe haven began violently shaking.

"The tornado, when you're there it sounds like a big monster, that grinding, it sounded like it's eating things. It sounded like it was right there already," Satterlee recalled.

But all Misty could think about was a mother and child, screaming to get inside. It still haunts her four years later.

"The thing that I hear the most is the 'please don't let me die' from that little girl and feeling that I had failed and that she had died. Imagining the pain she might have went through," Satterlee told NewsChannel 4.

Bridgett Simon and her daughter, Kayla, probably shouldn't be here.

When efforts failed to pry open that shelter door, they began running -- bombarded with storm debris.

"There is no way anyone will survive this monster but we did! It was grace of God that we did," Simon said.

They made it back home and into a hall closet, just as the tornado began obliterating their house.

"I remember glass in my feet in the closet. I felt like we were going to fly up or something. It was scary," Kayla said.

Kayla was a third grader at the time. She was kept home that day from Plaza Towers Elementary School.

Several of her little classmates were killed.

"They were friends of hers. Good friends," her mom shared.

Bridgett and Kayla decided to leave the neighborhood. Too many bad memories.

Misty Satterlee relocated too and lost touch with her neighbors, but never stopped wondering. She always wondered about her neighbors.

"It's a miracle they survived. Thank God they did. Thank God they did," she said.

So, NewsChannel 4 orchestrated a surprise reunion Misty had been living with guilt for years. And now, it's finally lifted.

She said to Kayla, "I still hear you saying 'please don't let me die.' I could hear that over and over. I was trying to open that door. I wanted to save you. I couldn't get that door open. I rode that tornado out thinking you had died Screaming, crying to God, imagining what might have been happening to you."

"It wasn't your fault. I was horrible timing. I forgive you. It wasn't your fault," Kayla reassured her.

Two families, survivors -- united by one horrific afternoon in May 2013.