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OU co-ed finds hidden camera in apartment bathroom

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NORMAN, Okla. - Moving his 21-year-old daughter into a new Norman apartment, John Christopher never could have imagined what they'd find hidden in the bathroom.

"What we need to realize in this day and age, it's a $50 camera. It's light and dark images, recorded. It's WiFi. They don't have to be there. This is the kind of technology that's out there and it's very easy to stick in a vent," Christopher said.

And in his daughter's bathroom vent -- a small, well disguised camera.

"You have this vision of your daughter being posted everywhere on the internet, so I'm still freaked out about that," he said.

His daughter's boyfriend, Jeremy Caudill, spotted the camera by chance.

"I came in here to use the restroom standing right here and for whatever reason, I just happened to look up. And here was a bunch of masking tape," Caudill told NewsChannel 4.

The equipment was turned over to the Norman Police Department who is investigating.

"We have not received any other reports of something similar anywhere here in Norman. This is a new one for us but we are actively looking into it and hope to find some answers pretty quickly," said Spokesperson Sarah Jensen.

We were escorted off the property of "Avenue" in Norman. Our questions were directed to corporate headquarters.

But management is addressing the family's concerns.

"We definitely are stunned and will definitely provide a hotel for the night," said Regional Manager Ann White.

John plans to move his daughter out of the "Avenue" Apartments. And he encourages all other parents to check those vents before another student is secretly exposed to a peeping Tom.

"People just need to be more aware. It's rampant out there. More common than we realize," he said.