Update: In Your Corner team and volunteers help homeless get back dignity

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UPDATE 7/7/17 - Our In Your Corner team continue to follow Marilyn Long and her journey to care  for the homeless in our community.

You may remember our team's been helping with repairs to her food pantry and food donations.

They also teamed up with the service organization, AMBUCS, to build her a new ramp.

Friday, the Oklahoma City Chapter of AMBUCS honored Marilyn with a large check for her tireless work to feed and clothe the homeless, while helping them get off drugs and alcohol and finding them jobs.

AMBUCS presented Marilyn and five more local charities, Tech Now, Special Care, Coffee Creek Riding Center, The Children's Center, and Capitol Area Special Olympics, with large donation checks.

These are organizations doing really important work for the disabled in our community.

“I am on top of the moon right now,” Marilyn said. “I am just blessed to have this group of men in my life and what they have done for that center [and] that money is going to go a long way in that kitchen to feed a lot a lot of peoples.”

Over the years AMBUCS has helped us on a number of projects helping the disabled, but building the ramp for Ms. Marilyn's food pantry has by far had the most impact.

Before the ramp anyone in a wheelchair or using a walker, couldn't get up the stairs, forcing them to eat outside in the front yard.

Now they can go inside and eat and be served with the rest of the group.

Ms. Marilyn's Northeast Resource Center ministry is always accepting donations and looking for volunteers to help more people.


Find her non-profit on Facebook.

  • Northeast Resource Center
  • 1415 NE 23rd Street
  • 405-996-8609

OKLAHOMA CITY - Our In Your Corner team continues to help a local senior who has made it her life's mission to take care of her neighbors.

Last year, after thieves kept vandalizing Ms. Marilyn Long's food pantry, our team got her thousands of dollars in donated repairs to help. 

Wednesday, with the help of civic service group, AMBUCS, they pitched in again.

“It don't take much to bring joy to me,” she said. “I don't think they were here when I was jumping, dancing and hollering on it.”

She’s dancing, hollering, and jumping for joy over her soup kitchen's shiny new ramp!

“I just want to say thank you, thank you, thank you thank you,” Marilyn said.

The lucky ones receiving Marilyn's love are the volunteers from AMBUCS.

Over the years we've teamed up with them on countless projects, mostly building ramps for people with disabilities.

AMBUCS Oklahoma City board member David Feisel said, “Hearing she had to serve meals to people outside regardless of the weather, those very unsafe steps they had to try to navigate which they couldn't do in a walker or wheelchair.

6 days a week you will find Ms. Marilyn and her angel helpers serving up hot meals to the homeless.

Before, anyone in a wheelchair or using a walker, couldn't get up the stairs to eat and rest.

With this new ramp we're able to give them mobility, but most importantly they get to go inside and eat and be served like they're in a restaurant, with dignity. 

“It was real heartbreaking for me to have to come out here and let them eat outside, while the rest was sitting in the ice cool area,” Marilyn said.

Marilyn cares deeply about the people in her community, getting them off drugs and alcohol, helping clothe and feed them, and finding them jobs.

“I don't wait,” she said. “Wherever God sends me I jump in there and get it done.”

What she's done is create a movement, inspiring and empowering people to change their world, with others in mind.

Ms. Marilyn is looking to expand her ministry.

Right now she buys a lot of the food and supplies with her own money.

She's always accepting cash and food donations to help reach more people.

Find her non-profit on Facebook.

  • Northeast Resource Center
  • 1415 NE 23rd Street
  • 405-996-8609
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