Oklahoma bounty hunter responds to deadly shooting at car dealership in Texas

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Since 2002, Ryan Lopez has strapped on his bulletproof vest and gun to hunt for fugitives who have skipped out on their bail.

It's a dangerous job where he's faced his own life and death situations.

“That was one that I really thought, if he gets that gun out before he gets to him, then something could go south,” Lopez said.

A similar situation unfolded this week near Dallas.

Cell phone video shows two bounty hunters with guns drawn approaching a suspect inside a car dealership with employees and customers nearby.

A scuffle erupts, shots were fired and all three men were killed.

Lopez is deeply sorry for the loss of life but says proper training could have possibly saved lives.

“Tactically, that was totally wrong what they did,” he said.

KXAS reports the bounty hunters wore plain clothes, which Texas law allows. They also identified themselves as federal agents.

However, in Oklahoma as of 2014, bounty hunters have to wear a badge and must have the words "bond enforcer" on their vest. They can't identify with any other law enforcement agency.

Lopez feels Texas should have similar laws and more training.

However, in both Texas and Oklahoma, you have to be licensed to be a bounty hunter.

“It's better to live and work another day than have a child or innocent bystander get hurt. Let him go if you can't get him right then, come back and get him on a later date,” Lopez said.

Greenville police are still investigating the shooting.

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