“She had purple rashes,” 2-year-old dies from possible tick bite

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Family members say they are now waiting on an autopsy to determine what exactly caused their 2-year-old daughter’s sudden death.

Kenley Ratliff, 2, loved spending time outdoors with her family.

Recently, she was taken to the emergency room twice for strep throat but was released.

When her fever didn’t come down, she was admitted to the hospital and doctors began looking at other possible infections.

“She had a 104 degree fever and that fever remained about a 103.8 all week long, up until her untimely death on Saturday morning at 2:45,” said Nichol Kirby, a family friend.

Kirby says doctors soon realized that Kenley had a brain infection and gave her a breathing tube while they tried to figure out the cause.

“She had purple rashes, splotches, all over her body,” Kirby told WISH.

Doctors began treating Kenley for Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, adding that a tick bite may be to blame for her dire condition.

Sadly, she passed away and now family members are waiting for answers.