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Update: Salesman raising new suspicions with fundraiser discount card

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Update 6/8/17 - The newest complaint against Russ Johnson has to do with “Our Club Kids" discount cards.

Hannah Kahoe purchased one from the parent of a little league baseball player through the “OfferUp” app that lets you buy and sell stuff.

“She said that her son was selling them for his baseball team and it was a fundraiser to get their uniforms and such,” Hannah said.

It was a chance to support kids, while getting discounts on eating out around town, but then Hannah tried using the card at this Fazoli's fast food location off North Pennsylvania.

“The manager looked at it and he asked, 'Where did you get that?' and I explained it to him.

Fazoli’s management telling Hannah and the In Your Corner team the card is no good at their fast food chain, because Johnson didn't get their permission for the promotion and the coupon code he used, while valid, it's never used for fundraisers, like discount cards.

Remember, Johnson's already been convicted of selling fake advertising to small business owners and he keeps getting in trouble for not paying restitution.

We were there as he went before a judge in Oklahoma County.

Just like Johnson did in Canadian County, he was able to avoid being locked up again by reaching a new restitution agreement with the state.

While he was making another payment we talked to his attorney, Ali Khalili.

“We’re in court today trying to pay some up and start making things right,” he said.

We asked about the fundraiser cards and Johnson's case in Canadian County.   

“I'm representing him on what we're dealing with in front of Judge Glen Jones today, so I don't know the history of it,” Khalili said. “I know he's doing everything he can to take care of it today.”

We checked with most of the businesses featured on the "Club Kids" card.

Jack In The Box, Chicken Express, and Firehouse Subs telling the In Your Corner team they had no recollection of Johnson or the card, until customers showed up wanting their discount.

The owner of Earls Rib Palace says he “can't find a manager that agreed to the coupon.

There's also this gripe from management at the Meat House, a locally owned butcher shop and grocer in Edmond.

General Manager Craig Rittenhouse says he would have never agreed to a $20 unlimited discount on meat for an entire year.

Right now he’s seeing 10 to 20 cards in his shop per week.

“We thought it was going to be a short term thing,” Rittenhouse said. “I called the guy and griped him out. ‘Dude, we're going to lose a lot of money on this.’”

The part that really makes Hannah sad is that kids now being dragged into this mess. 

“People are going to start wondering every time they see a teen trying to sell them, well is that real and it's going to hurt their fundraising efforts in the end,” she said. “It's not fair at all.”

But it looks like Johnson did have some contact with some of the businesses on the discount card.

The owner of Laser Tag on North May tells Scott he had a great experience with Johnson and says the card has been great for his business!

We’re not sure how many cards were sold around town.

Most of the restaurants say they still plan to honor the card no matter what.