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Woman arrested for using fake money at several places in Pauls Valley

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

PAULS VALLEY, Okla. -- A shopping spree ended in handcuffs for a Pauls Valley woman who was arrested for allegedly using fake money all over town.

Police say they kept getting phone call after phone call about this case, but the most surprising call was placed while the suspect was still inside a restaurant where she allegedly used fake money to order fast food.

Already boxed away and sealed as evidence, officers had to sign out counterfeit money to show to NewsChannel 4.

"The size is a little off,” Pauls Valley Assistant Police Chief Derrick Jolley said. “If you hold it up, the security strip that should run through it... saying that there's not a security strip in it. It's not a bad counterfeit, but there's still enough to know that it's not right."

And it was just enough for employees at a nearby truck stop to know the $100 bill was fake and called police.

Officers showed up and took a report and store employees began going through surveillance video. It wasn’t long before police got another phone call.

"We get a call from Braum's that a person had just passed a counterfeit $100 bill, and the person was still sitting in Braum's waiting on her change,” Jolley said.

When officers got there, they found Mindy Shebester still in line waiting on her order. Police brought her in for questioning, and their phone rang again.

"While she was here, we get another call from the Relax Inn where she'd passed a bill to pay for a hotel room,” Jolley said.

Then, another phone call.

"In the midst of all that we get a call from the truck stop saying the video is ready,” Jolley said.

Sure enough, police say, Mindy Shebester was captured on the truck stop surveillance video. So far, they believe she passed fake money at the truck stop, Braum’s and a nearby hotel.

It's not always easy to spot counterfeit cash, but if businesses in the Garvin County area notice any in their cash drawer, they may want to check their surveillance cameras, as well.

"If you can review your footage and you see Miss Shebester's video pop up, we'd like to know about it,” Jolley said.

Shebester was booked into jail and is facing several charges.