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Sooner Men’s Golf Celebrates Championship, Remembers Journey To Title

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A single putt set up a Sooner celebration 28 years in the making, allowing OU golf to lift its second national title.

A moment so sweet it defied description.

“I guess it was almost surreal,” Blaine Hale, OU sophomore golfer, said.  “Like did we actually just do this?  Did we actually just win the national championship?  I was standing there with all my buddies running on the green.  Truthfully it was all kind of a blur going back to it.  It’s crazy to even think about because I don’t even remember what I was thinking.  I was literally just in shock.”

Eight years after Ryan Hybl took over and helped show his Sooners the way a championship confirmed years of hard work.

“I was just really proud,” Hybl, OU head golf coach, said.  “It’s probably, I would say the number one word that comes to my mind because you’re just proud of what these guys are able to put together.  I just think it helps us grow in our belief system of what we’re doing.  It just validates a lot of hard work that these guys have put in over the years, and what this program has done over the years.”

Blaine Hale helped secured one of OU’s winning points, after growing up in an OSU family, and says the Sooners made a statement with this win in their home state.

“In Oklahoma we’re not what people consider the golf school,” Hale said.  “The golf school is Oklahoma State.  So for us to win I think it’s going to solidify us we’re not Oklahoma anymore.  We’re not as good as Oklahoma State.  We showed that we can beat any team in the country, and we will beat any team in the country when we’re playing good.”

The Sooners second national championship in men’s golf has already made it’s way back to OU’s facilities in it’s own special spot.

It’s been a journey on the course that’s taken OU all over the place from Hawaii back to home on their journey to a national championship.  

The team says, however, it’s been the time they’ve spent off the course that’s been so special.

“Our guys love each other,” Hybl said.  “They do everything together.  Sometimes we almost have to bring them a part at times because there’s too much time together.  They really wanted to win this for each other, and they were believing in themselves and their teammates.  It was just a great all around win."​