10-year-old Oklahoma girl recovering after rattlesnake bite

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MARIETTA, Okla. – A 10-year-old Oklahoma girl is recovering after being bitten by a rattlesnake.

Rylee Mathews was helping her dad in her backyard in Marietta, Okla. when she felt the bite.

“There was this pile of grass, and I walked past it, and that’s when the snake bit me,” Mathews told KXII.

Mathews’ parents rushed her to a local hospital.

When the swelling on her leg began to spread, the hospital then transferred her to an Oklahoma City hospital to be treated, KXII reports.

“I was panicking, and I thought they were going to have to amputate my foot,” Mathews said.

“It kinda felt like my foot was going to fall off, it hurt so bad,” Mathews added.

Mathews said she was bitten by a western pygmy rattler, which is one of five venomous snakes in southern Oklahoma.

Noble Research Institute’s Senior Wildlife Consultant Michael Porter told KXII that snakes start coming out in the spring and become more active the warmer it gets.

Mathews said that she hopes others can learn from her story.

“The consequences of not watching where you’re going can be painful,” Mathews said.

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