Manhunt continues for 4 escaped Lincoln County inmates

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LINCOLN COUNTY, Okla. - The search continues for four inmates who escaped sometime early Monday morning from the Lincoln County jail.

Officials believe Brian Moody, Sonny Baker, Trey Goodnight and Jeremy Irvin escaped through the jail’s ventilation system.

Moody, Baker and Goodnight were all in jail for property crimes, but Irvin was in jail on a first-degree murder count.

Officials arrested him for the murder of Robert Godwin, Jr. last July.

Irvin was taken into custody last September after a brief manhunt and standoff.

He ended up surrendering peacefully.

Godwin’s aunt is fearful how things might end this time.

“There’s probably people going to get hurt over it, because he’s crazy and he’s not going to go down, like I mean he’s not going to give himself up I don’t think,” said Melanie Pegg. “I’m ready for them to go to prison, so Robert’s kids can try to get their life back in order and placed somewhere where they can be taken care of and loved.”

Residents in Irvin’s hometown of Tryon said they’re not necessarily scared of him but they are on the lookout.

“I’m keeping my house over here in Tryon locked and keeping vigilant,” said Tryon resident Eddie Davis.

“You don’t know what’s going to go through their heads. You don’t know if it’s going to be death by cop or…” said Candy Prickett, Tryon town clerk and wife of the police chief. “And, I worry for all of them, especially my husband. I worry for every one of them.”

“I’m not scared of him. I’m mad,” Pegg said.

Pegg said she’s frustrated at yet another delay in the process.

Irvin was supposed to go to trial in October.

“Justice will be served. I have faith in it,” Pegg said.

The Lincoln County sheriff said he believes the escaped inmates are still in the state but not in Lincoln County.

They planned to serve several search warrants Tuesday evening in connection with the manhunt.

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