Etiquette expert: How to set proper guidelines for roommates

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OKLAHOMA CITY- If you are heading to college or starting out on your own, you will likely need to move in with a roommate for a while.

While it can be difficult, a bit of good etiquette can go a long way.

Etiquette Expert Carey Sue Vega is back with a strategy.

When it comes to sharing a bathroom, don’t leave hair in the sink or shower and wipe down the sink after using it. Also, replace empty toilet paper rolls as a courtesy.

Some good ground rules to follow include:

  • Discussing sleep schedules
  • Talking about music, noise levels and headphones
  • Check before inviting friends over
  • Always ask before borrowing anything
  • Don’t eat your roommate’s food
  • Designate separate areas of the refrigerator.

For more information, visit Carey Sue Vega’s website.

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