“I don’t think it’s truly hit yet,” Son of man killed in McClain County speaks out

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MCCLAIN COUNTY, Okla. - Brad Allen says the shock of his brother finding their father's body with apparent gunshot wounds to the head hasn't completely set in.

"I don't think it's truly hit yet. You never think of finding your dad in a field," Allen said. "We feel so bad for him, the way he went out and sitting out there for as long as he did is terrible."

Authorities are still waiting on a positive ID, but court documents lay bare the belief that 48-year-old Sherry Lynn Lowe and her reported lover, 22-year-old Logan Thacker, are behind the death of David Allen.

"We're looking at several motives right now, but we're not sure which, what the exact motive is. We're still interviewing both subjects right now." said Sheriff Don Hewett.

David called police last Tuesday to report his pickup truck stolen by Lowe, but then called the next day to say it was returned.

Around that time, a friend of David's said Lowe called him to help her and David get his truck unstuck from the field behind his home. However, when the friend showed up, Lowe was there, David wasn't.

After not hearing from David for several days, the friend and David's son went to the home to take a look around on Monday. That's when David Allen's body was discovered behind his rural McClain County home.

"We're pretty positive. He was unrecognizable, but my brother knew his hand. He knew that was him and there's no way he would go this long and not contact us," said Brad Allen.

Allen was an animal lover and one who cared deeply for his sons, grandchildren and many others.

"He liked to joke around and he enjoyed being around people," Brad Allen said. "He wanted to help, the fact that he was lonely and two, that's just the way he was. He just did it for the wrong people. There's nothing you can do to change that.'

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