“It’s touched a lot of lives,” Oklahoma woman’s ministry creates blankets to help those affected by cancer

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OKLAHOMA - One knot alone can’t hold together an entire blanket, but intertwined they can – a fabric of hugs tied together with love.

Nobody can fight cancer alone. It takes an army.

"We want them to know that they are covered by love and surrounded with love and prayers,” Kay Norman said.

Deedah’s Covers of Love is a ministry formed in honor of Geraldine Hines. Hines lost her battle with cancer, but she didn’t leave this Earth alone or without love.

Now, Lisa Kirkegard is making sure others aren’t fighting alone either. Lisa was Geraldine’s neighbor and is a 19-year cancer survivor.

"She herself is a cancer survivor, and she knows what comfort is needed in a time of such duress,” said Kay, who nominated Lisa for Pay it 4Ward.

Lisa was under the impression she was going to meet a co-worker for a casual lunch. She had no idea she was about to be surprised by First Fidelity Bank, NewsChannel 4, Kay Norman and a host of others including Geraldine’s husband, Jerry, for Pay it 4Ward.

"Programs like this is what make Oklahoma proud and Oklahoma strong,” Kay said.

But only because of people who make the program so worthwhile, like Lisa.

"Lisa, because of your love and your care and your thoughtfulness, it is my honor to pay it forward,” Kay said.

"This will buy more fabric and make more blankets. There are a lot of volunteers who help,” Lisa said. “It's touched a lot of lives but mainly ours."

So far, Deedah’s Covers of Love has donated nearly 500 blankets to those whose lives are affected by cancer. Their most recent trip was to the Children’s Center in Bethany.

"We send them to anyone who is hurting,” Lisa said.

Click here if you’d like to make a donation or know someone in need of a blanket.

Pay it 4Ward is sponsored by First Fidelity Bank. 

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