Southwest side couple counting blessings after car crashes through front door

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OKLAHOMA CITY - A southwest side couple is picking up and counting their blessings a day after a car careened through their front door Tuesday evening.

"It’s like you see in a movie," said Char Williams. "An airplane or a car coming through a building and that’s what it was like."

A car crashed through the wall of Williams and her partner's duplex near Southwest 199th and Western Ave. shortly after 8 p.m. Tuesday.

"It’s all happening at a high-rate of speed, but then you see it in slow motion," said Bobby Braziel.

As the couple walked through their destroyed living room, Braziel, 73, and Williams, 76, say a slight change of routine kept them both from serious injury.

"Bobby got up and went to take a shower and I sat down in that chair," said Williams pointing to one of two chairs in the living room. "For some reason. Because I always just sit in this one.”

"I just walked out of the shower," said Braziel. "Only had my pajamas on. I just went over to her chair and was just rubbing her back, because she’s been sick, and boom! There it was."

Shards of glass scattered throughout the living room, dining room and kitchen. A hole in the wall, put there -- through a mirror -- by the leg of a chair.

An old hutch now resembling firewood on the living room floor with pieces of the brick exterior wall coming to rest on the couch.

"I’m just so thankful, that it all happened the way it did, if it had to happen," said Williams. "But it’s strictly a miracle. I mean it is. I shouldn’t be here today."

Williams did need to be transported to the hospital Tuesday night after suffering a cut and some glass in her eye.

Now, as the couple of twelve years surveys the material damage, they say they're relieved and happy, as they both know lives can't be replaced.

"I’m thankful," Williams said. "I’m real thankful.”

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