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Residents at Midwest City apartment complex complain about problems with water, air-conditioning

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MIDWEST CITY, Okla. - Residents of an apartment complex are complaining about having no water and, in some cases, no air-conditioning for several days.

"We got fed up a long time ago,” a resident of the Eden Cove Apartments in Midwest City told NewsChannel 4. "We went four months without air-conditioning, you know, just a few months ago.”

He said that’s not all.

"More than once, you'll be in there taking a shower and, all of a sudden, you have no water, and it could be two-three hours before they have the water back on,” he said.

That’s one of several reasons he decided to move, and he’s not alone.

When we went to Eden Cove, several residents approached us with the same story.

"Every other day, we receive notices that our water will be off. A majority of us are working people so, when we get home, we just have to sit and wait to see when the water is going to be on,” said Courtney Bester, another resident.

Bester said this has been happening for months.

When we asked management about the issue, they said they had no comment.

However, residents were told the issues this week are because of a water leak.

Whatever the reason though, people like Bester just want the issues to stop.

"Simple things you don't even think about: having to use the bathroom, cooking, washing your hands, you know, you have children, you might have small children, you have to change their diapers. It just gets challenging to have to deal with that,” Bester said.