Two-time escapee from Lincoln County jail back behind bars

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LINCOLN COUNTY, Okla. -  All four Lincoln County jail inmates are back behind bars.

The last inmate, Brian Moody, was caught near County Road 3290 in Lincoln County.

According to officials, a driver saw him in the woods and called 911.

"Yes, this is [caller] and I'm on the 900 road almost to Pottawatomie, and there's a man walking down the road with just his swim trunks and shirt swung over his shoulders," the driver told 911.

Thanks to OHP's chopper, Moody was found in the woods and captured.

The four inmates, Sonny Baker, 41, Trey Goodnight, 27, Brian Moody, 23, and Jeremy Irvin, 31, escaped through the jail's ventilation system early Monday morning.

Baker and Moody have escaped from the Lincoln County Jail before.

"Basically, he needed to be back in jail," said Sheriff Charles Dougherty.

Moody stole a truck and then drove it to his sister's, Angela Rainbolt's home. There, she helped Moody steal another truck and gave him a cell phone.

However, after four days he was caught by U.S. Marshals, Lincoln County Sheriff's deputies and the Oklahoma Highway Patrol.

"He surrendered without incident, he knew the helicopter was right on top of him and he had no more go in him," Dougherty said.

That was good news for Moody's father, Robert Moody. He feared his son's escape stunt was going to get him killed but says jail is where his son needs to be.

"He's a good kid but made bad decisions," he said.

The Sheriff's Office says fellow escapee and murder suspect Jeremy Irvin was the mastermind behind the breakout.

Irvin went to Baker and Moody and asked them how they had escaped before. Trey Goodnight was sentenced to get released soon through drug court.

Moody's father hopes this is the last of his son's escape acts.

"I hope he wakes up and gets off the drugs," he said.

Moody is due in court Friday morning.

The inmates could face 10 to 20 additional years in prison for their escape.