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Edmond Santa Fe’s Josh Richardson Returns Home, Runs Camp & Discusses Career

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Josh Richardson wrapped up his first basketball camp on Friday, June 16.

Putting on the entire event for free for 100 local kids.

The Edmond Santa Fe grad improved in basically every aspect of his game after his second season with the Miami Heat.

Before the NBA he had his mind on working far from a basketball court.

“I actually wanted to be a surgeon, so I went to college for like pre-med and things like that,” Richardson said.  “My junior year of college my coach told me, I had a good chance to play after college so, I was like, that’s new, that’s different, so I changed my major to psychology and focus a little bit more on basketball.”

Before powering through the lane as a professional Richardson’s run to the NBA started at Edmond Santa Fe.

The prep standout still recalls facing off against family friend and eventual fellow pro, Xavier Henry.

“He looked a lot bigger when I saw him on the court,” Richardson said.  “I remember that was the first time I was nervous to play.  I remember they beat us by 30, but that was probably my first memory of varsity basketball.  I wasn’t really taking it super serious at that time, which probably wasn’t great, but I got to play with my friends so I was having a good time.”

Once he made the NBA, Richardson remembers several pinch me moments.

Like facing off against King James.

“We were playing Cleveland and coach was trying to figure out a play or something, like attack a matchup.  He’s asking you, ‘Who’s guarding you? Who’s guarding you?’  And he’s like, 'J-Rich, who’s guarding you?’  And I was like, ‘LeBron.’  And I was like, 'LeBron’s guarding me.’”

One stop on the schedule still means a lot each time playing inside The Peake.

“Every time we come back here I still kind of get chills when I run for warmups,” Richardson said.  “I find myself kind of looking in the crowd for people I know or my family.  It’s kind of indescribable   It’s something special every time I come here.  Even though we’ve lost both times.  It’s crazy when I come back, and I know my whole family is watching me while I’m on a NBA court.  It’s something I never knew would become a reality three years ago, so it’s pretty awesome.”

The Santa Fe Wolf didn’t end up a surgeon, but playing basketball’s a great way to make money too.

“I couldn’t ask for a better job,” Richardson said.  “I get to play basketball for a living.  Take care of my body and play basketball, so that’s all I really ever wanted."