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Residents on edge after recent escapes from Lincoln County Jail

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CHANDLER, Okla. – People who live in and around Chandler are on edge following two recent escapes from the Lincoln County Jail.

Authorities say four men – including two men who had escaped from the Lincoln County jail in March – escaped from the facility in downtown Chandler Monday morning.

The escapees included Trey Goodnight, Brian Moody, Sonny Baker, and Jeremy Irvin.

"When I heard Brian Moody was in the area where I live, we went out and immediately locked everything up because we didn't want to feed into any problems of him being able to help himself to our stuff,” said Janice Ray, who lives in Lincoln County.

Ray said Brian Moody was actually a friend of their son’s at one point. Hearing he was on the run came as a surprise.

"He was shocked by it. He couldn’t believe he was even in jail because they hung around together at one time and he said he never got in trouble or anything,” Jim Ray said.

However, this escape wasn’t a first for Moody or Sonny Baker. The two escaped from the jail with another man back in March. Their escape route the first time was identical to the second.

"They did the same thing they did last time. They scaled a wall, got on an air conditioner vent, dug a hole in it,” Sheriff Charlie Dougherty said.

That’s why Dougherty said they’re now working with county commissioners to review the jail security measures.

County residents like the Rays just hope the second escape is the last.

"I think somehow they need to rebuild this jail. You know, second time, something's got to be done about it,” Jim Ray said.

All four escapees are now in custody.