“My son plays outside,” Officials investigate Garvin County homicide

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GARVIN COUNTY - There's a murder mystery in Garvin County. The crime scene takes us about 21 miles west of Pauls Valley near an oil field site outside of Elmore City.

“We have a deceased person that we're calling a homicide,” said Sheriff Larry Rhodes.

The man's body was found by an oil field worker Saturday morning along a oil lease road southwest of Elmore City.

“Just because of the circumstances of the scene in the visible trauma to the body, we quickly recognize this as a homicide,” Rhodes said.

Despite hours of investigating, Rhodes said they don't have a lot to go on yet, including who the victim is or how he got to the oil lease road.

And, what they do have, they aren't ready to share just yet.

“There's some things in this investigation that we want to withhold from the public, because only the person or persons involved in this killing would know that,” he said.

Those who live nearby to the crime scene can't help but to worry, especially with it being close to their front yards.

“Yes, it's a little close. My son plays outside all the time here,” said Tammy Alpha.

But, Rhodes assures the community they have nothing to worry about.

“It is safe. We have deputies out there throughout the day, and we also spent all weekend out there,” Rhodes said.

But, he goes on to say, so far, there are no suspects.

“We haven't made any arrests, and we really don't have any suspect to report on at this time,” he said.

OSBI is conducting several interviews with people in the area.

If you have any information that can help solve the crime, call them or the Garvin County Sheriff's Office.

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