Northside couple concerned after acid jug tossed into backyard, injuring dog

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OKLAHOMA CITY - A couple on the city's north side is voicing their concerns after finding a jug of acid thrown in their backyard, causing an injury to one of their dogs.

"I came home Saturday morning and found this, Saturday morning, like this," said C.J. Seitz, holding an empty gallon container of muriatic acid. "And, the bottle was sitting right there. But, they had cut it and tossed it in."

Over the fence, possibly early Friday morning, Seitz said, while his wife Elisabeth was home and their two young black Labrador retriever mixes - Faye and Sawyer - were outside.

The potentially dangerous chemical is normally used for cleaning, etching masonry or pool maintenance.

Sawyer, one of two of the Seitz' dogs, was slightly injured after getting acid in his left eye. (KFOR/Adrian Semones)

The acid killed a portion of the grass, damaged their patio, concrete and it somehow splashed in to Sawyer's left eye.

"It's irritated, but it's getting better," said Seitz, an Oklahoma City fire fighter.

Seitz said there can't be any other explanation other than someone wanting to hurt their dogs - something that seems out of the ordinary for their neighborhood.

"Everybody here has dogs. Everybody walks along (the trail near the back yard), very cordial; everybody's very cordial to us - they love the dogs," Seitz said. "Hoping somebody in the neighborhood would find if their kid was doing it or something because, when they cut that open, it's impossible to not get an acid burn because, if that touches your skin, it would have burned."

The couple filed a report with police and are looking in to the matter.

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