Oklahoma baby born 10 weeks early gets to join mom and dad during memorable wedding ceremony

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OKLAHOMA - "As a mother, it's hard to see your child go through something like that, and not be able to do anything but pray. A lot of prayer," said new mom Kristi Middleton.

Kristi was rushed to the hospital and after a complicated labor, her son, Robert Dutch Foster, was born by emergency C-section, 10 weeks early.

"We were in middle of eating dinner and watching the NBA playoffs when he decides to make his entrance my water broke," she said. "He's real tiny, but he's perfect."

Wednesday marks the anniversary of when Matt and Kristi first met. It's also the day they planned to get married.

But an early arrival from little Dutch didn't stop the ceremony from taking place.

Still in an incubator and wheeled out of the newborn intensive care unit, Dutch joined his parents in the hospital chapel for their wedding.

And baby Dutch wasn't the only guest. His great-great grandmother already has plans for him as soon as he gets to go home.

"Oh, I know I'm good at spoiling. I've had great grandchildren and I can't imagine how to spoil a great great grandchild, but I'll find out how," said great-great grandmother Luddie Davis.

Dutch is expected to go home within the next couple of months.

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