Man who laid bricks on original KFOR studio to help with new facility

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Walls may not be able to talk, but Bill Kenyon remembers a time when the walls were new here at KFOR.

In 1949, the station signed on as WKY, becoming Oklahoma's first television station. Over the years, it hosted numerous newscasts and popular shows like Foreman Scotty, The Scene and 3-D Danny.

NewsChannel 4 has always been a part of Kenyon's life, and he has been a part of the station's history.

"When we were Cub Scouts, we watched them do a live show once," he said.

In the 1970s, Kenyon was hired to create the entry way to station along East Britton Rd.

"Doing our stuff with the acid and turned around and here comes Danny Williams. I guess he had his head in the clouds, started to walk through the door and when he did, he walked straight through the fresh concrete."

Recently, Kenyon got called back to the station for another job.

“It was different knowing we were going to come back out here and be on a project that we had been on years before,” he said.

Although KFOR's current building is filled with history, the station will be moving into a new facility later this year.

“We did this, oh, it's been about two months ago,” Kenyon said.

The traditional brick is being replaced with a much brighter limestone.

However, the past will not be forgotten as pieces of the old building will find their way in the new facility.

“The brick from the older building that we tore down and re-laid them up here so we can make a trophy case,” he said.

It's a simple way to remember a legacy as KFOR lays a new foundation for future generations.

The new building is nearing completion.