Mother, brother of suspect arrested in connection to Oklahoma murder

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GARVIN COUNTY - A Garvin County murder from December 2016 is looking like it was a family affair.

At the time, then 15-year-old Bladen Wright admitted to shooting his cousin, Allen Counts, in the back of the head. Now, Bladen's mother and brother are accused of trying to help cover it up.

Desiree Wright and Tavis Wright were arrested and charged with conspiracy to commit a felony and accessory to murder.

According to police, both lied to police about the events surrounding the murder.

Other witnesses told police that Desiree and the boys at the scene agreed they needed to get their story straight before talking to authorities.

According to the affidavit, the story they came up with was that the boys had been throwing garbage and things into a fire, even possibly bullets, when one of the bullets may have accidentally exploded, striking Counts in the back of the head.

But Bladen later admitted to police that he shot Counts.

He said he and some others, including his brothers and Counts, were all hanging out in an out building at his home. Counts had been shooting at Bladen with a BB gun. That's when he went into the house to get a 12-gauge shotgun, brought it back to the out building they were in, and shot Counts in the back of the head.

Now, Tavis is accused of helping Bladen hide the murder weapon nearby at a family member's house. The affidavit also reveals he allegedly told another witness who was there at the crime not to talk to police about what happened.

Desiree is out on bond. Tavis is still in jail with a $75,000 bond.

Bladen is in a juvenile detention center awaiting trial.