Metro man who lives in agricultural zone upset over neighbor’s complaints against his roosters

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EDMOND, Okla. - A metro man, who lives in an agricultural zone, is upset after his neighbor complained about his roosters.

The owner, Domenic Perriello, says his neighbor complained to the the City of Edmond about the noise and now he has to go before a judge.

Perriello, tells NewsChannel 4 the reason he moved to the area was to have farm animals, and animal noises are just part of the deal.

“The whole reason we were attracted to this area was because of the zoning. It said that this was general agriculture, and the primary purpose is to raise and breed animals," Perriello said.

He says the city's assistant attorney told him he will prosecute him based on the complaint.

“As an animal owner, I can’t understand and know one way or another if I’m on the right side of the law. I have to wait until there’s a complaint by a neighbor to know whether I’m breaking the law. That doesn’t make sense to me," said Periello.

The city also told us that the animal noise disturbance ordinance applies to agricultural zones just as it does to other zones.

"With the neighbor making the complaint, it does have to be addressed, that’s why ultimately, there’s a trial date set and the judge shall determine how this should go," said Casey Moore with the City of Edmond. “Ultimately, a disturbance happens when someone gets disturbed can calls in and files a compliant. So ultimately, that’s when we have to look into this and investigate it.”

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