“It was like he did us all a favor,” Soldier helps geese cross busy Oklahoma road

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MOORE, Okla. -- A Good Samaritan stopped traffic to help a family of geese cross a busy Moore intersection.

It happened early Tuesday morning at the intersection of 19th and Telephone Rd. in Moore.

"I was driving to work. I had to be there at like seven in the morning. So I always stop at Starbucks to get some coffee,” Emily Coker, who lives in Moore, said.

Coker said when she was leaving,  there was a traffic jam.

"Everybody was stopped and so everybody was waiting and I see this little gaggle of geese walking across the road,” Coker said.

That could have made for a messy morning commute. Thankfully,  a hero came to their rescue.

"This truck pulls up next to me and a solider gets out and he starts rounding up these geese,” Coker said.

Coker said the soldier didn’t act alone. Drivers patiently waited for the group to cross the road safely.

"There was like little baby ones and the mom and the dad and I was like all that's cute. So I took a picture, you know because everyone was stopped, to show some friends later on. Then I saw the soldier get out and I was like I have to take a picture of this,” Coker said.

Coker posted the pictures to social media, even sharing it to the city’s Facebook page.

She’s hoping to reach anyone who knows the soldier to express her gratitude.

"Because he got them all out of the way and the traffic could continue to go so, it was like he did us all a favor,” Coker said.

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