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“I think he did save my life,” 11-year-old credited with helping grandfather during emergency

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MOORE, Okla -- They had just wrapped up a family lunch and were driving to buy a Father's Day gift.

That's when 67-year-old Robert Richter began to have chest pain and dizziness.

"It was going down hill quick. I was panicked because I had a car full of family. I was very panicky because traffic at that time was very heavy," Richter said.

He pulled into the closest parking lot, where he collapsed behind the wheel.

Richter's 11-year-old grandson, Brody, grabbed the phone and immediately called 911 for help.

Dispatcher: "We have an ambulance on the way. Tell me exactly what happened."

Caller: "We were driving. My Pa-Pa pulled over and he can't breathe."

Dispatcher: "Is he awake?"

Caller: "Yes. Barely."

Dispatcher: "Is he breathing?"

Caller:" Barely."

While on the phone with dispatchers, Brody also worked to comfort his panicked baby brother and grandmother.

"He was very calm for an 11-year-old. Usually there is a lot of ranting and screaming and it's hard to figure out the information," said Heather Yazdamipour, an EMSA paramedic.

Brody knows the importance of keeping a level head during an emergency since his father, Corey, is an EMSA medic.

"You can't help the problem, only make it worse if you start freaking out," he said.

Robert now has a scar on his chest as a reminder of the freshly implanted pacemaker, and the heroics of his grandson.

"I think he did save my life." Richter said.

"I know if I didn't, something worse would have happened. He may not be alive today," Brody said.

Brody was awarded EMSA's "Everyday Hero" medal as an example of the importance of staying calm in life's most difficult situations.