“I feel really loved,” Community comes out to support Oklahoma girl on national talent competition

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Darci Lynne Farmer is a talented girl.

Her ventriloquism act landed her a spot on NBC's hit show “America's Got Talent.”

Mel B saw something special in Deer Creek student Darci Lynne, so she hit the golden buzzer to send Darci to the live show.

Since that day, this 12-year-old ventriloquist's life has changed.

“They've been really supportive and I feel really loved," Darci said.

Darci performed at the Allied Arts block party in downtown Oklahoma City on Wednesday morning.

She's been practicing with her puppets a lot lately in preparation for the live shows that begin Aug. 15.

“I hope they see that I've progressed more in my ventriloquism. I hope they see that I'm a little less shy than I was and more comfortable on the stage talking to them,” Darci said.

Believe it or not, Darci is introverted when she's not performing.

“On stage, I'm like, ‘Who are you?` She's like a completely different person because she is quite shy off stage,” Misty Farmer, Darci’s mother, said.

Her puppets are her outlet.

“Petunia is shy. She's shy until she performs. Then she becomes this diva. Katie is the more 'let me see what I can get away with,' sassy kind of spunky that she would never do outside of using a puppet," Farmer said.

Her fans are rooting her on and so is her brother, who already has plans for the $1 million prize.

“Well if she wins, she's taking us all to Hawaii,” Nathan, Darci's little brother, said.

But first she's got to get the votes to become winner.

"I'm supercalifragilisticexpialidocious nervous but I'm really excited too, so it's kind of in the nervous excited mix," Darci said.