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Several stores in Penn Square Mall still cleaning up mess left behind by flooding

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Ida Kemunto was looking forward to a little shopping to enjoy her big day, but a few stores in Penn Square Mall had other plans.

“It's my birthday today, so I wanted to come and treat myself, but the store is closed,” Kemunto said.

It all started around 1:30 p.m. Tuesday when three to five inches of water quickly began covering the first floor of the mall.

After being forced to shut off the water, the mall closed early.

As a result of the mess, several stores closed again on Wednesday, leaving folks like Kemunto a little disappointed.

“A little bit, but I think there could be worse things happening, but just a little bit because I didn't know having to drive from Edmond,” Kemunto said.

Many stores on the first floor posted signs on their doors, saying they were forced to close due to Tuesday's flooding.

Some stores were occupied with cleaning crews, humidifiers and wet floor signs. It put a damper on the day for even some of the mall's youngest shoppers.

The Krout’s had their sights set on the Lego store only to find staff sitting outside as cleaners worked their magic inside the store.

“I was looking forward to looking at the Lego store in the Lego-friend section and the DC super hero section,” said 11-year old Trynitie Krout.

Instead, many people walked up to locked doors.

“And, people looking through store, through store, through store, through store to see if one or two was open,” Krout said.

The general manager of Penn Square Mall, Jeffrey Runnels, sent us this statement:

"Penn Square Mall closed early yesterday in order to remove water from sections of the lower level common area, and as a precaution following the break of a domestic water line. The mall opened on time this morning for normal business, with the exception of a handful of retailers that were impacted by the water event yesterday. Although Macy’s and AMC Theaters were not impacted yesterday by water in their spaces, they remained closed today as water service to that section of the mall was turned off while repairs were made. The repairs to the domestic water line and cleanup are close to completion. We appreciate the patience of our customers and retailers as we complete the necessary repairs."