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New lottery tickets hitting store shelves across Oklahoma

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OKLAHOMA CITY – The Oklahoma Lottery Commission is introducing brand new lottery tickets that allow more winners and more money for education in our state.

“I need to win,” David Ealy told NewsChannel 4.

Luckily, that just got easier for Ealy and people all over Oklahoma.

It’s all thanks to brand new scratch and win lottery tickets.

“These new tickets offer better price payouts. It’s going to be a better product. All of the players will enjoy these a whole lot more,” Rollo Redburn, the executive director for the Oklahoma Lottery Commission, said.

Now, the cash prizes allow for more winners and that’s not all.

“All of our profits go to the state to benefit education. In fact, this new law that was just passed, HB 1837, changes our law,” Redburn said.

That bill repealed an old mandate which forced the lottery to lower prize amounts in order to comply with profit margin restriction.

HB 1837 allowed them to restructure and guarantees that $50 million goes to the Department of Education.

“75% of people know that we benefit education, but the majority of them felt like we weren’t making a difference and that the monies weren’t having an impact,” Jay Finks, Director of Marketing and Administration, said.

That’s why the Oklahoma Lottery Commission pushed for this legislation.

Any profits made beyond that $50 million will enhance K-12 initiatives in several subjects, such as reading, science and math.

The tickets are already on many shelves.

The lottery has 1,900 retailers and filling those stores with the new tickets is an eight-day process.