“It’s just unreal,” Search continues for missing Oklahoma mother, three children

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CHICKASHA, Okla. - It has been several days since Destiny Corsaut and her three children vanished from an apartment complex in Chickasha.

On July 2nd, the children's biological father and custodial parent came by to pick up the children when he noticed they were all gone.

Instead, he found Corsaut's apartment door open and the apartment had been ransacked.

Corsaut's car keys, purse, phone, and belongings were located in her apartment. Her car was also located at her apartment.

Now, people in Chickasha are wondering what happened.

“It's scary, makes you panic, wonder where they're at,” said resident Susan Burns.

Chickasha police are working to figure out about where Corsaut and her children, ages two, three, and five, are.

The department also posted on their Facebook page asking anyone with information to be on the lookout.

People in the community say it seems unreal.

“I have grandchildren, small grandchildren and I would go through a panic,” Burns said. “It's just unreal, it's a pretty quiet town."

If anyone knows the whereabouts of Destiny Corsaut and her children, please contact the Chickasha Police Department.