June bugs out in swarming numbers, Oklahomans cannot ignore them

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Oklahomans are fighting what you might call a bug battle, or even an all out war. June bugs are showing up in droves.

Reports of swarming June bugs showing up at night anywhere there's a light are popping up all over social media, but they're hard to ignore in real life.

"At nighttime I'll open my window and then they'll just be flying in," said Somara Roseberry, a city resident. "They're loud and their feet are super sticky to my skin, and that just freaks me out," she said.

For some people, it's more than just a nuisance.

"We went to Whataburger the other day and there were so many June bugs flying around," said Jacob Mattinson, out with his girlfriend, Stephanie Hunt, "and that's  her ultimate fear, June bugs. So of course when she's handing money to the guy, she has to keep the window rolled up as much as possible."

OSU Extension Educator Ray Ridlen said most of the beetles are reaching the end of their two-year life cycle.

"The adults don't have much of an exciting life and so if you have outdoor lighting, they're going to be attracted to the light," Ridlen said.

He said they come out at night to breed before they die.

"That street lamp is like a singles bar for the June bug," he said.

Ridlen warns that people should start laying down curative grub control mid-August to September.

The females lay their eggs in the lawn, about 50 eggs at a time. Those will then hatch, eat up the lawn, and return to permeate the air in a couple years.