Making $ by Making Movies in Oklahoma: A local writer/director has found the formula

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OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLAHOMA -- As writer and director it makes sense that Ryan Bellgardt would be involved in just about every aspect of his latest release, "Gremlin", a monster in a box movie he shot in and around Oklahoma City.

The Overholser Mansion figures prominently.

"I don't want to give too much away," smiles Ryan, "but it sort of starts to rampage around Heritage Hills."

Gremlin has been finished for a while.

His next film "Jurassic Games" is in the edit room, and you might remember "Army of Frankensteins", his first feature-length venture.

They all started from a little creative fire, and something to keep his crew at Boiling Point Media from getting too bored.

"It was a fun side project to do," he says. "Something to do in our spare time to keep everyone excited and motivated, and it just started to grow."

Oklahoma City based Boiling Point is advertising agency, production company, and, at this point, a film a year movie factory.

Bellgardt explains, "We're aiming to make international sales movies."

The coolest thing about these admittedly low-budget projects is that they make money, and what that means as we sit down for a rare breather, is that more projects become possible.

"It takes making these low-budget movies to learn how to do them bigger and bigger each time."

It's kind of like a ladder says Ryan.

Start a little company, make a little money.

Chase your passion but keep it on the right side of the ledger and doors, or, in this case lids, start to open.

What comes out of the box might be scary on-screen, but it's really exciting to the guy behind the camera.

"Gremlin" releases to video on demand services July 11th. "Jurassic Games" will be released next year.

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