Woman says dead dog was left in crate along metro road for three days, wants answers

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Warning: Some may find this story disturbing. 

OKLAHOMA CITY - Joley Johnson says it was a tragic discovery on Thursday.

“I honked my horn. I kind of whistle and the dog doesn’t move," she said.

She says the dog was dead in its crate and with it appeared to be a water bowl and a blanket.

“It’s almost like, 'I’m going to put you in here with all the stuff I have of yours and I’m going to put you on the side of the road in a nice neighborhood and somebody’s going to deal with it.'"

Johnson says she called a vet and was told to call 911, where she says she got a dispatcher on the phone.

"They did mention that it had been reported already," said Johnson.

But she says the dog was still on the side of the road on Friday and again on Saturday.

She says she called again.

“So, I called again today and was told that it has been reported and that they’re doing everything that they can," said Johnson.

On the crate was a green parking violation sticker and a note that said, "Animal welfare has been advised and will respond as soon as possible."

Johnson says that's not good enough.

“Yeah, it was like what, three days or so that I noticed the dog? I noticed it Thursday evening. So, Thursday, Friday, Saturday. They just picked it up like an hour ago.”

NewsChannel 4 left voicemails for animal welfare and sent an email, but so far, we haven't heard back directly. However, a answering service for animal welfare said the dog had been picked up.

Meanwhile, Johnson just hopes the dog was already dead before it was left on the side of the road so that it didn't suffer in the heat.

She also has a message for the person responsible.

“I hope you have a crappy week. I hope that you treat everybody else better than you treat that dog because I believe in karma, and I hope that it’s coming for you.”

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