Anaconda gets wellness check at the Oklahoma City Zoo

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OKLAHOMA CITY - It was an extra special show for the kiddos at the Oklahoma City Zoo Thursday morning.

A female anaconda, who usually stays in water, came outside of the Herpetarium for a medical checkup.

"Today when I started taking her out she went, 'yeah we don't do this. Let's not.' So with some persuasion, I asked her nicely and she agreed and we came out,” Joe Branham, Assistant Curator Reptiles & Amphibians at the Oklahoma City Zoo said.

And with a little coaxing and several people, this massive 20-year-old snake shared the experience with dozens of spectators.

"She hasn't been sick a day in her life for the past 20 years that she's been here, so I just want to keep it that way," Branham said.

Inside, they X-rayed the anaconda's vertebrae to make sure it didn't have arthritis because she is considered elderly. She's already doubled the lifespan of a wild anaconda.

"A lot of snakes like people get cataracts so she's looking for that. She was checking the body for any kind of cyst. Any abnormality, maybe a swelling," said Branham.

Workers taped a string to her body to see how long the reptile has gotten since an anaconda doesn't stop growing.

The result? 15 feet, 10 inches and a whopping 176 lbs!

It's good news for the curator who raised her since she was one week old.

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