“Help me” – Man trapped in ATM sends note through receipt slot asking for help

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CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas - ATMs are known to hold cash, not humans - but that's exactly what happened when a repairman found himself on the wrong side of the ATM.

"We have a once in a lifetime situation that you will probably never see or hear again," Corpus Christi Police Sr. Officer Richard Olden said.

The repair man was sent to a Bank of America branch to fix a broken electronic door lock leading to the room on the other side of the ATM drive-thru wall.

When customers went to withdraw cash, they each got quite a surprise instead!

The man slipped a note through the receipt slot, which read, "Please help. I'm stuck in here and I don't have my phone. Please call my boss."

Some customers thought they were being pranked, but eventually, someone called police - who also thought it was all a big joke.

"We come out here, and sure enough we can hear a little voice coming from the machine. So we are thinking this is a joke. It's got to be a joke," Olden told KRIS-TV.

However, when they realized the repairman was banking on officers to free him, they jumped into action and kicked down the door, making their first ever human withdrawal from an ATM.

Without his phone to call for help, the contractor was stuck for about two hours before being freed.

"Everyone is okay, but you will never see this in your life, that somebody was stuck in the ATM, it was just crazy," Olden said.