Oklahoma blind man sees again with innovative technology

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OKLAHOMA - Matt Holman loves playing with his daughter, Charlie, his pride and joy, except he can't actually see her.

He's legally blind from a hereditary disorder called Leber's Hereditary Optic Neuropathy.

"So, pretty much, my optic nerve just stops working. I have no central vision. I just have peripheral," Holman said.

But, it didn't take effect until he was an adult.

Holman was a wrestling star at Choctaw High School. Then, he got a wrestling scholarship to Oklahoma State University. He started having blurred vision and thought it may have been a concussion.

"When I went to the trainer he, 'you know, something's wrong,' so, we went to the doctor and I was already legally blind," Holman said.

At 20 years old, it sidelined his wrestling career and life as he knew it.

Now, at 38, he may be able to see again thanks to eSight Eyewear, new technology his cousin discovered.

"It was instant. They focused in, and immediately I was starting to see clearer," Holman said.

The glasses use a high definition camera that captures the user's view. It's a new technology released just this year by a Canadian based company.

"I like to call us a lifestyle technology company because it's a pair of glasses that could be used by anyone or works for the majority of those that are visually impaired," said Jeff Fenton, director of marketing for eSight Eyewear.

Holman was able to see his daughter for the first time.

"I remember it was the brightest blue I'd ever seen in my life, her eyes. The way she looked at me, every parent needs that. I could tell she loved me the way she looked at me," Holman said.

Insurance doesn't cover eSight Eyewear. It's expensive at $10,000, so Matt turned to the public and raised the money through an eSight crowdfunding page.

He said he can't wait to live a more normal life.

"First thing, I would love to see my family again. I want to see my friends again, and I want to see the people that it's going to be the first time ever,” he said.

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