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Oklahoma man receives 25 years in prison for child sex crimes

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TULSA, Okla. – A man was sentenced Thursday to 25 years in prison for child sex crimes.

26-year-old Derick Brown is already serving 17 and a half years for federal sexual exploitation charges he pleaded guilty to in 2016.

Now, Brown will serve a state sentence for child sex crimes.

Officials say the investigation began in 2015 when Brown started having several inappropriate relationships with teenagers, including a 13-year-old from Oklahoma and a 15-year-old girl on an air force base.

Fox 23 reports Brown used the social media app “Whisper” to prey on the girls and police say they also found child pornography on his cell phone.

The charges for his state sentencing cover two counts of rape in the first degree on a victim under 14 years of age, forcible sodomy, lewd proposal to a minor, and possession of child pornography.

The state wanted to give Brown a double life sentence but the judge gave him 25 years.

Brown’s federal and state sentence will run at the same time. He will serve 25 years and then be eligible for parole after serving 85% of the term.