Princess bed creates confusion for child with autism

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Rebecca Salyers didn't have time to think.

She was nearly beaten to death by her ex, with her 2 week old son, Konner, still in her arms.

“He hit me for a good 10, 15 minutes,” she said. “I felt a higher power lift him up and the next thing I know the front door slammed.”

Rebecca and her son's lives were spared, but the beating left Rebecca blind.

The says the abuse kept happening, until a near fatal punch to Rebecca's pregnant belly that left her daughter, Keagan, with autism.

“She has fetal brain trauma due to not having growth during pregnancy,” Rebecca said. “Since I was hit so much it did a lot of brain damage.”

Keagan, now 5, suffers from nightly seizures, which makes her bed super dangerous, so mom, Rebecca, set out in search of a new bed for Keagan.

A princess bed from Elephant Trunk Consignment was love at first sight.

“That made her happy,” Rebecca said. “It made her very happy.”

Remember, Rebecca is blind, so she wasn't able to see the bed herself, but says something about the bed really made Keagan come alive and open up, which is rare. 

“It's her Social Security Income money,” Rebecca said. “She wanted this and I knew the money had to go towards her.”

We're talking close to $800 for the bed, a coffee table, and the delivery charge.

Rebecca and neighbor, Monica, say they became uneasy about things when the delivery kept getting pushed back.

“We called at 4:30. ‘Oh it will be there in 30 minutes,’” Monica said. “We waited. We waited until 7:30, then I texted her and left her a message again.”

Rebecca says she tried getting a refund, but consignment shop owner, Kathy Burleson is saying all sales are final.

“We don't normally make refunds because it's used merchandise,” Burleson said. “It's consignment.”

Burleson tells the In Your Corner team she did her best to keep Rebecca in the loop, but right before delivery she discovered the bed was missing a couple of parts.

“We realized there were no sideboards to it and normally there are, so I called the consignor,” Burleson said. “She didn't send it. There aren't any. So I had our furniture fella who does repairs and builds things for us come and make some sideboards.”

And that created more work, hassle, and confusion.

Burleson says she is sorry for the misunderstanding and once she became aware of of why it is so important that Keagan get a new bed, she immediately made an exception to her store's return policy.

“Of course a full refund [and] I have the check in my pocket,” she said. “I'll give it to you. I just felt like it was the right thing to do after you told me about the circumstances.”

We drove right over to the family's apartment with clothes and toy donations and the check for $794.

Rebecca couldn’t hold back the tears.

“Thank you so much Scott,” she said. “I know why people call you.”

We know the perfect bed is waiting for Keagan.

Rebecca said, “My daughter can be happy and be able to be in her room and be safe.”